Quest to reduce added sugar day 3


Day 3

Same breakfast – 4g added sugar


Orange – 0g added sugar


House salad with balsamic dressing – 2g added sugar

2 slices veggie pizza with vegan cheese – 4g added sugar

1 hard cider – 8g added sugar 

While cider is good, it’s not worth 8g of added sugar! I’ll probably stick with beer in the future. The pizza was from 212 Pizza Co in Castle Rock, CO. If you’re in the area I highly recommend checking them out! Their pizza is fantastic and made with quality ingredients.


Air popped popcorn with salt and pepper – 0g


Total – 18g added sugar


Some observations… First, I’m not craving sugar at all! My energy is high, my mood is exceptionally stable, and my thoughts are more clear than usual. On a physical level, while I consider myself very fit, I had a horse related accident about a year and a half ago resulting in daily aches and pains. I’m currently working on a big landscaping project in addition to my daily farm chores so I’m by no means taking it easy and yesterday was the first day since the accident that I’m completely pain free. It’s certainly possible that this is simply a result of time. But my physical exertion is up and my pain is gone. And the only thing I’ve changed is my added sugar intake. We’ll see if the trend continues.

Beth Jauquet, RD