I followed the AHA’s recommendation for added sugar: Day 2

Let’s start with a couple observations from day 1. First, my total added sugar yesterday clocked in at a whopping 8g! Interestingly, it wasn’t that difficult. I think the true test will come in when I eat out… which I love to do! I slept great last night and while I usually sleep well, last night was exceptional. Also, I woke up feeling alert and energized! But since scientific conclusions certainly can not be made from one day of observations, we’ll keep tabs on this as well as other physical symptoms.


Day 2

Same breakfast as yesterday – 4g added sugar


Smoothie King Daily Warrior – 0g added sugar

This smoothie is sweetened with Stevia, which I dislike so I had them leave it out. Also, while the website says it has 0g added sugar, it is 680 calories for the 20oz size. This seems a little excessive to me so I substituted coconut water for the juice blend that is usually used. This takes the total calories down to 560. This is appropriate since it’s my lunch. If I were getting it as a snack, I would consider taking out either the almonds or the dates as well. This would reduce my calories by another 100. For more info on Smoothie King smoothies, check out their website below. It’s very user friendly and contains an entire database of nutrition labels. 



Cashew Cookie LaraBar – 0g added sugar

I’ve been a fan of LaraBar for a long time because they taste great and you don’t need to be a Dietitian to read the ingredient list. This particular flavor has 0g added sugar. While some of the flavors do add some sugar, usually in the form of semi-sweet chocolate chips, all are under 5g. For more info check out their website below



Roasted veggie salad – 0g added sugar

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar – 0g added sugar

Falafels – 0g added sugar

Hummus – 0g added sugar


I serving dark chocolate – 4g added sugar

2tbs dried blueberries – 5g added sugar


Total added sugar – 13g


End of day 2 and my energy is through the roof. Also, like many people I tend to experience a bit of a 3pm lull. However, the last two days this has not happened. I’ll keep note of this in the days that follow!

Beth Jauquet, RD

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