Quest to reduce added sugar day 6


Day 6


½ cup Silk plain almond milk yogurt – 4g

Berries – 0g

walnuts – 0g


Whole wheat bread with Crazy Richard’s peanut butter – 0g

Orange – 0g

1 hard boiled egg – 0g

4oz V8 – 0g


Veggie curry with tofu and brown rice – 0g

I used a pre-made curry called Yai’s Thai Coconut Curry. I started by making brown rice. For added flavor, cook the rice in vegetable broth instead of water. Then sauté in stir fry veggies and tofu. You could substitute a different lean protein for the tofu if you’d like. Then add the curry and continue to cook until heated through.

1 glass red wine – 0g 


Beth Jauquet, RD