Build your immune system with The Primalized Method!

Regular exercise is one of the many things we can do for ourselves to elevate our mood states, decrease inflammation, gain/maintain good health and increase our long-term mortality rate while aging gracefully.

We proudly, and compassionately, introduce LITE/HITE Sessions. Low/High Intensity Tensegrity Exercise sessions are unique workouts that just about anyone of any age can do, from the comfort of their own home. Yes. We hear this a lot. What separates LITE/HITE from other programs is the fact that it’s a workout program that makes you stronger, increases immune function, burns wicked calories, and makes you sweat (so you feel like you’ve actually done something) without stressing/taxing the body in ways that traditional workout routines can and do. When a person uses their body while in tensegrity it doesn’t just level the playing field of exercise, it changes the landscape entirely.

While in tensegrity, the body is in its strongest and most efficient state. Your fascia, joints, connective tissue, bones, and muscles are allowed to move as intended, which creates a greater foundation of strength that begins in the core and extends to the extremities of the body. How cool is that? Exercising in tensegrity allows you to achieve better results in less time than traditional workouts.

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