Tending to our selves with The Primalized Method.

Diet, movement, different forms of medicine; no one of these will sustainably improve our health over time. The Primalized Method (TPM) recognizes that our optimal health is now, and that by significantly reducing inflammatory burdens, we can raise our state of being to a higher and more enjoyable level. Everything in life is an inflammatory event, but the better we soften the blows, the better our system can shine. Over a long period of time, softening the blows of life allows our system to reach its potential. That potential is a state of being that’s connected, happy, well functioning, and able to adapt to many of life’s hits.


Exercise and movement are necessary but hard on the body. Moving in tensegrity, even with high intensity movement, greatly softens the blow. All foods cause damage as they move through our gut, but increasing produce and choosing complex carbohydrates whenever possible softens that damage. Hydration also keeps life’s inflammatory fires to a minimum. Massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other physical medicines all cause damage, but in most cases, the net effect is less inflammation in the body, so they, too, soften the blow of existing and living – even when we’re thriving.


Holding on to emotions is also a burden. Many times the act of letting go of troubling emotions feels worse than holding on to them. It’s in that difficult act of letting go that we, over time, decrease the negative inflammatory impact to our state of being. Softening the blows of our emotional and mental states allow our system to better reach its potential.


You don’t have to do everything at once. Just as tending to a garden involves frequent but short mindful actions, tending to our selves involves small changes and mindful expressions of thought and movement. Occasionally we have to do some maintenance, but the more we tend to our state of being, the less maintenance (like surgery and extreme therapies) we have to do.


It is by taking a multi-actioned route to health that we are able to create balance and find a new state of well being. TPM takes this approach in a controlled and purposeful way. Each person’s need for softening blows is different, so there’s no set path. By combining all the approaches TPM uses, we can create a clear, individualized path that will eventually get most people to a sustainable level of health that allows for deeper connection and freedom from the ravages of life’s blows.

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