Survival mode… what it is and the effects on our overall health.

This prolonged activation of stress without relief can lead to a condition known as distress, or survival mode. Being in survival mode will cause an imbalance of the Primalized 5 elements of life (Joy/Play, Foundation, Relationships, Spirit, and Growth) and eventually may lead to physical conditions like migraines, GI issues, elevated blood pressure, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia; and psychological problems like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, worry, and anger issues.  

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Stay Healthy Through The Primalized Method

This means standing and moving on the balls of my feet with correct posture, eating a low inflammatory diet, staying active, managing my stress, participating in activities that give me purpose and bring me joy, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying connected. These are the things that will keep my immune system strong so that I can help myself and those around me.

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